Veterans & Military Benefits

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides education benefits/assistance to veterans, service members, and their qualified family members. You can find details on eligibility and how to apply for benefits at 
The VA also provides a helpful comparison tool at
If you think you may qualify for VA benefits and have any questions regarding the processing of those benefits at Louisburg College, you may contact our VA Certifying Official Tanya Barnes Jones, at or 919-497-3306.

The North Carolina State Approving Agency

The North Carolina State Approving Agency (NC SAA) for Veterans and Military Education is a self-governing state agency funded by a federal contract and affiliated with the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NCDMVA) acting as Trustee. The NC SAA approves educational courses and programs available to veterans and eligible persons.  The NC SAA audits each educational institution to verify that the guidelines established by the NC SAA and Veterans Affairs are being followed.   Each educational institution is required to be compliant with state and federal guidelines. The NC SAA ensures that veterans entering into an institution of higher learning are being treated fairly as non-veteran students.